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The depth of knowledge and record of success in the pharmaceutical industry position Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., as a skilled collaborator with select companies seeking partnership opportunities.

The Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., business model combines decisive action, program flexibility, cost control, multiple service offerings, speed and efficiency to make partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, specialty drug delivery companies and other product and service providers more profitable.

Broad Industry Experience

Developing strategic partnerships are an important component of the long-term growth strategy at Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc.  Centrix offers an experienced management team, results-based culture, strong knowledge of manufacturing for a wide range of dosage forms, existing relationships with retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, mail order pharmacies, group purchasing organizations and first-hand experience with third party logistics services including warehousing and distribution, transportation management and reverse logistics.

Therapeutic Specialty

Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., specializes in women’s health products. We are focused on developing products with significant barriers to entry, intellectual propertyand longer life cycles.  Business strategy focuses on Therapeutically Equivalent ANDA-based products with alternative opportunities considered on a case-by-case basis.

Agreement Structure

Collaborative projects create superior products by drawing on a much wider range of skills which increases the value proposition.

Expansion of the product portfolio can be realized through in-licensing, acquisition, product development and co-marketing arrangements for prescription and specialty products.

Partnership agreement structures vary according to different factors and include a range of options from fee-for-service programs to profit-sharing collaborations.

Management Team

With deep experience at every point along the pharmaceutical supply chain, the management team constantly strategizes to ensure the most efficient procedures providing successful outcomes for every project.  New regulatory policies and other requirements imposed by government and other authorities demand current knowledge in order for our lean executive group to speed products to market.


Effective pharmaceutical sales require new strategies to achieve business goals from all purchasing channels:  chain drug stores, mail order pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, group purchasing organizations, wholesalers and distributors.  Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc. provides many options to assure success including conventional appointment outreach and digital options for the increasing number of physicians who prefer value-added online communication.

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