Virtual Pharma Services

Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., is a virtual pharmaceutical company with an experienced management team that coordinates all activities along the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Contract Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Development

The process of pharmaceutical development includes multiple steps required to bring a pharmaceutical drug product to the market after the molecule has been synthesized.

Commercial Manufacturing

The Centrix team applies extensive expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing to assure timely production according to client specifications resulting in high quality product distributed on schedule to meet the needs of patients.

Packaging and Labeling

Correct packaging and labeling are vital to successful ventures and are a priority at Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc., which has wide experience with primary and secondary packaging options of liquid and solid dose products for Over-The-Counter, prescription and specialty items including cosmetics, nutritional supplements and medical foods.  New packaging and labeling regulations in the Drug Supply Chain and Security Act (DSCSA) require close attention to assure current rules are followed for serialization and handling of all prescription drug products.

Regulatory Affairs

Effective regulatory support paves the way for approval from government and other authorities enabling production and commercialization of pharmaceutical drug products.  Our Regulatory Support team functions throughout development, manufacturing and distribution to assist with timely completion and submission of documentation.

Customer Service

From order fulfillment to return goods processing, our dedicated customer service team provides personalized communication to maintain efficient delivery of pharmaceutical drug products.

Third Party Logistics

Warehousing and Distribution

Pharmaceutical drug products require specialized procedures for their receipt, storage, handling and distribution to their final destination.

Reverse Logistics

Pharmaceutical drug products that cannot be used are returned to the manufacturer or selected for Regulatory Compliant Product Disposition.

Transportation Management

Providing the most efficient and safest supply chain solutions to deliver pharmaceutical drug products to their final destination.

Value-Added Solutions

Product Packaging and Labeling, Clinical Trial and Patient Services, Financial Services Management and C-Commerce capabilities may be implemented according to program requirements.

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